The Golden Age According to Goudji

Goldsmithery is a terrible art for the world has turned its back to it too long.Yet this prime art counts among its artists one of the greatest goldsmith of our time: Goudji.Like a Benvenuto Cellini, Goudji does not create beautiful objects: he gives shape to beauty. His passion is to make matter serve the most elemental yearnings of the soul, and it is what distinguishes him from all others. Unclassifiable…with a compelling fact: Goudji goes far because he comes from far. Goudji's alchemy aims at the gold of time. Even his secular work is an essay to eternity. Plainness is what passes. Impassioned with the superior style of form, Goudji creates beauty that springs from life. This religious role of art allows us to forget that it is perishable. The contemplation of Goudji's pieces might teach us the antithesis of Dostoïevsky's idea: it is because the world is beautiful that it will be saved.

Stéphane Barsacq


The artist
Sacred Art